[Scribus] anyone working on indic script support

Craig Ringer craig
Wed Aug 2 18:27:54 CEST 2006

lahari wrote:
> Hai everybody
> Is any one working on the indic scipts support on scribus. I would like
> to work on telugu support and join them in their effort. I have a
> problem the script is visible well in the editor while inserted in the
> page there is a problem in displaying ligatures and combinational
> characters.



and more. Support is waiting on the new text engine. If you have some 
soild C++ experience and aren't afraid of some sometimes challenging 
code I'd get in touch with Andreas (`avox') on IRC and see if you can 
help out.

If you're not up for the programming, I think he's always looking for 
GOOD sample texts with examples of how they should look, etc.

Craig Ringer

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