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Tue Apr 25 18:32:48 CEST 2006

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> ??? 2006-04-25????? 14:50 +0200???Sebastian R??der?????????
>> Hi,
>> I wanted to prepare a digital passphoto for printing in an online printing
>> show. The photo is 6x4,5cm with 300dpi. I have to arrange it on a 10x15cm
>> with 4 times the photo on each sheet. No problem so far with Scribus (I
>> didn't manage this task in krita however, cause I was not able to define a
>> layer by "real" size + resolution instead of pixel size).
>> Now when it comes to export to jpg or png I selected 100%quality
>> (compression,
>> right?) and 300dpi. However the result is completely unsharp and pixelish.
>> Did I do something wrong?
well, no, although when the image export was done, it was designed for 
a quick preview image of a page (eg to place on a website), so it only 
uses a resolution of 90dpi for the images, no matter what resolution 
you chose. (eg it does downsample to 90dpi resample back up to 300dpi, 
creating the pixilated image)

>>I exported to pdf and it looks OK but the file is
>> only ~400kb so this might not be the best way to go (and the photo printing
>> services don't accept pdf anyway).
when exporting as pdf, make sure that you arn't resampaling any of the 
images, it's better to use them strait. the exported pdf shouldn't be 
too diffrent from the total size of the images ou used to create it, 
as it only has the images on it.

>> The information menu for the image boxes in Scribus says 300dpi both for
>> native and current resolution.
>> I am using scribus- on Gentoo Linux
>> Any help would be apprecheated - would be nice if you could CC me cause I do
>> not get the list atm. Thanks in advance!
> As what I learned from this list, export to jpg or png is a bad idea for
> output. Maybe you should export it to pdf or eps and then convert the
> pdf or eps to tif or png within Gimp or Photoshop if you really need
> this.
> Kite


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