[Scribus] Distribute space between frames

Never you mind scrpt
Sat Apr 22 22:41:46 CEST 2006

>> Never you mind wrote:
>>>> [...]
>>> I've upgraded. I can't see anything that does alignment or spaces 
>>> text
>>> frames. Would you tell me how to find it?
>>> malcolm
> Peter ?uhalev wrote:
>> have you tried selecting your text boxes. than going to Windows/Align 
>> and
>> Distribute. and the lower side of the align toolbox is for 
>> distribution,
>> you just click the distribute evenly (horizontal or vertical, 
>> whichever
>> you need) and it should work.

Yes, now that you've led me there. It works very well. The icons are 

On 23/04/2006, at 1:35 AM, frank gaude' wrote:
> Yes, part of the learning curve coming over from InDesign to Scribus...
> takes awhile to learn where everything is, huh?

Is there a thread in which they thrash out the design decision to move 
this command from the Item menu to the Windows menu? I can't fathom it. 
This seems whacko jacko! What has this command got to do with windows? 
In my mind the window is a handy sort of thing to play in. It's like a 
cup: I use a cup to hold my coffee while I drink from it but I don't 
think about the cup. I add sugar and milk to the coffee. I distribute 
them evenly by stirring them with a spoon. I drink the coffee. I ignore 
the cup.

And to make it even harder for me to understand I observe this: When no 
items are selected the Items menu is greyed out, ie, no need for it. 
When one or more items are selected the Items menu becomes active, 
drawing my attention to the menu. Doesn't that say anything? I've just 
selected a couple of items, the Items menu is now active. Why would I 
look anywhere else? I feel that I may as well look under the table and 
find the command I need there. I am very puzzled.


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