[Scribus] problem with text frame

PLinnell mrdocs
Thu Apr 20 18:30:40 CEST 2006

On Thursday 20 April 2006 15:55, Florence Gaillaguet wrote:
> Hi,
> I have noticed the same problem. When I open my document, I need to
> click on most of the text frames to update them.(I am on Scribus
> on Windows) Should I make a bug report ? I've looked on
> http://bugs.scribus.net, but my english is not so good, I am not
> sure that the report hasn't been already made.
> Thanks
> Florence
> On 3/7/06, Le Tigre <scribus at le-tigre.net> wrote:
> > Hi everybody,
> >
> > I tried on IRC this morning but I think it was too early... :)
> >
> > We're always on 133cvs of 17 feb from Malex - and have a little
> > problem. When we make some changes in text frames (hyphenation,
> > kerning, etc.), and reopen the doc, we have to click on the frame
> > in order to find back the changes we made.
> > Which is a bit dangerous because if all the text is ready, and we
> > just reopen the file and make directly the pdf, it would be a bad
> > pdf (because we didn't click on frame).
> > It's the same kind of problem when we import master pages (by the
> > wey, thanks for the unbugging import): we have to click on a
> > frame in order to have all the text correctly put.
> > So if you have idea about that, if you think I should make a bug
> > report, tell me...
> >
> > Raphael
> >

Salut Florence,

Your English seems fine. However, if it is easier in French, please go 
ahead and enter them in French. 

Il y a quatre dans l'equipe qui parle francais et aussi un est 
francais :)

Bravo pour votre brochure aussi. Tres bien fait..



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