[Scribus] Scribus in the news again

pixelnate pixelnate
Wed Apr 19 18:29:01 CEST 2006

Riku Leino wrote:
> Steven Boothe wrote:
> Their major argument against Scribus is just wrong. Scribus doesn't use 
> ghostscript for generating PDFs but has it's own built in PDF lib to do this. 
> It's always been the number one priority to make sure our PDF lib is 
> producing high quality output so that printers shouldn't have issues with 
> Scribus generated PDFs. Ghostscript on the other hand is used to generate the 
> print preview and in ps/eps importing.
>> Scribus is indeed using Ghostscript instead of Postscript.
> Errr, where did he get these. Apparently he didn't feel like opening the print 
> dialog in Scribus or create a PDF from the app.
Maybe what the Scribus crew need more than anything is some proper 
marketing of their product. Once 1.4 is release, they should put 
together a press kit to send out to the major Linux and DTP magazines. 
Maybe put in some printed examples made  with Scribus, and some 
tutorials for them to review and print. Right now, Linux Format is doing 
a series on Inkscape. Perhaps they can be convinced to do the same with 
Scribus to get the word out about what it is capable of.

Just a thought.


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