[Scribus] Importing Character Styles?

Calum Polwart scribus
Wed Apr 19 00:10:03 CEST 2006

OK - I thought I couldn't import in paragraph formatting? But I can...
Am I supposed to be able to?

A few months back I asked about trying to basically mailmerge a database
but apply some formatting depending on the content.  The closest
equivalent I can describe might be a catalogue listing with the desire
to perhaps list new items in italics.

It was specifically italics I wanted to import.

Here's how I have achieved it: (not sure if all steps are necessary)

      * The 'database' comes in excel.  So I apply all my basic
        formatting and rules etc in OpenOffice - Calc, including
        conditional formatting the italic items
      * Save the sheet as HTML.
      * Close the sheet (if you don't it seems to re-open the sheet in
      * Open the HTML file in writer
      * Use TABLE / CONVERT --> Table to Text, delimit with tabs
      * Save the file as an ODT file (I had to use EXPORT to do this)
        [open document format]
      * In scribus 'Get Text', Import the styles. --> I was asked to
        match fonts for MS Serif and MS Serif Italic... so I matched
        them... and I seem to have content that can then be tweaked in
        scribus and includes italic font when needed, and tabs which can
        then be positioned... 

I thought this was what others wanted to do the other day as well .. so
thought I should explain my method... (using cvs)
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