[Scribus] Doubts about some tasks in Scribus.

Le Tigre scribus
Tue Apr 18 12:14:09 CEST 2006

> features concentrate your resources on professional
> output,for example in color management,text
> management,
> pre-press etc.  

Because as we all know, for the moments the devs are just playing and 
doing an application for fun, absolutely non-professional: only for 
children who want to do color-lines on white paper.

For me the making of pdf with Scribus is so easy and powerful and quick 
that the word "professional" is less than the truth... (I remember all 
the bullshit with acrobat distiller from xpress that was incapable to 
produce the same result on different computers).

(Hmm.. Am I a bit nervous this morning? The thing is that I never 
understand when people come here on this list to explain what is lacking 
on Scribus meanwhile they didn't really take time to test it).


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