[Scribus] Problem with Page-numbering

Raimondas Misius raimondas.misius
Mon Apr 17 09:05:32 CEST 2006

Louis Desjardins wrote:
> You need 2 number-signs for 10 and up. 3 for 100 and up. Etc.

And what is the reason to use multiple number-signs? Wouldn't it be
enough to use just one sign for any number of pages? Sorry, but I
can't grasp the logic... Is that for ability to apply different styles
to different digits?

> BTW surely one of the 10 most-asked question on this list! You are not
> alone! ;-)

Is there some wiki entry for this issue?

And another mystery about page numbering: I've noticed that sometimes
those numbers move a couple of points away from their positions and
multiple digits overlap each other (I had to adjust tracking, because
distance between digits was too big). The design idea was to put page
numbers in the centers of ornamental circles, so their displacement
was obviously seen. When document would be closed and opened again,
page-numbers would go back to the correct centers of circles. But
after some manipulations with the document, they would move again, so
before exporting my final work to PDF I had to be very careful with

(Scribus 1.3.3; WinXP)

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