[Scribus] Misleading text in the properties palette?

Louis Desjardins louis_desjardins
Fri Apr 14 19:54:09 CEST 2006

Christoph Sch?fer a ?crit :
> Am Freitag, 14. April 2006 04:44 schrieb Louis Desjardins:
>>>Am Freitag, 14. April 2006 01:30 schrieb Craig Bradney:


> Since we have three clearly different options available, it'd be probably more 
> clear if they could be selected separately, not 2 and 3 depending on 
> selecting 1.

Yes! Much clearer! We'd only need to adapt the design of that dialog.

The 1st option should not break the surrounding line as it is right now. 
Instead the area could have a title such as "Text runaround" and then 
you'd see the 3 options that are mutually exclusive.


> Christoph

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