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Nicholas Vettese nvettese
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Well, you are going to have even bigger issues with the next big release of KDE.  Supposedly, they are going to allow you to run KDE as a desktop on Windows.  Personally, I look forward to any project that Linux has, and using it on Windows.  I just want better software, and I think Open Source is light years ahead of the competition. 

The roadmaps are clearly defined, there are no warlords controlling the projects, and the community allows the developers feedback to make the program more rock solid.  Over the last few years, we have seen some major changes in the way that Microsoft and others are now deploying software.  From Betas (even alphas), to giving away new software, the open source model is slowly coming into play.  Finally, when all is in place, the Linux desktop will follow.  

The only thing holding back the desktop in my opinion, is the way devices are handled.  Linux needs to settle on udev, proc, or whatever, and make it work correctly.  To this day, I can plug in my Canon 20D, and it knows what it is, but I plug in my SanDisk Cruzer Mini, and... Nothing.  

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  Open Source is about breaking free of proprietary systems.  Where the source is available to all.  The Linux version runs better than the Windows version.  Linux is about Open Source, its about giving choice.  With Windows you have no choice, ypu are limited on what can be achieved.  look at all the problems Windows users are reporting Scribus for Linux never has those problems. 

  I have seen more and more people go to Open Source on Windows and not touching Linux because the extremely good software we doi have on Linux has a Windows port and it takes away incentive to use a Linux distribution.  Linux is ready for the desktop but why use Linux when I can have the same exact software on Windows?  Thats the mindset.  If you guys keep doing this port and Novell does their port of Evolution all its doing is holding Linux adoption back. 

  On 4/10/06, Christoph Sch?fer <christoph-schaefer at gmx.de> wrote:
    Am Montag, 10. April 2006 11:33 schrieb Meechmunchie:
    > Le Tigre schrieb:
    >  > So Scribus on Win is goot, but Scribus on Linux is better ;)
    > And what's so evil on Scribus and open source software on Windows ? 

    Nothing. He didn't assert that.

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