[Scribus] fonts ok now were bad fonts

Craig Ringer craig
Tue Apr 11 09:34:30 CEST 2006

Bart Alberti wrote:

>To what do I enjoy the pleasure of seeing my Hobbes nmsu fonts which had 
>been declared no good by Scribus now become accepted? Even some of my 
>Corel Draw fonts were invalid and discarded. Now only for some odd 
>reason Shelly (andante, volante, and allegro) are still no good. Maybe a 
>few others, too. I rather like Shelley.

FreeType upgrade? If FreeType has got better at working around a 
particular class of problem in bad fonts, Scribus may no longer be aware 
they're faulty (and should be able to use them OK, so long as they're 
not bodgy enough to cause issues when embedding).

Craig Ringer

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