[Scribus] "Floating" page?

pixelnate pixelnate
Mon Apr 10 23:32:28 CEST 2006

Craig Bradney wrote:
> Damn Macs...
> We will have to make all that configurable anyway.. 
> Craig
> On Saturday 08 April 2006 05:32, Nate Turnage wrote:
>> Yes, I tried Ctrl-click-drag, Cmd(Squiggly key)-click-drag, and
>> Ctrl-Cmd-click-drag. No joy. That was with the RMB. I'll try another
>> feew combinations next time i open the app.
>> ~Nate
Time to eat my words. Although I couldn't get it working earlier, 
Cmd+RMB+drag does work, Ctrl+RMB+drag doesn't, and more strangely, 
Cmd+Ctrl+RMB+drag and Cmd+Ctrl+Shift+RMB+drag also work. I think that 
Cmd+RMB+drag works the best for me. ;^)


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