[Scribus] Torture testing Scribus

Christoph Schäfer christoph-schaefer
Mon Apr 10 19:30:38 CEST 2006

Am Montag, 10. April 2006 15:58 schrieb Meechmunchie:
> Christoph Sch?fer schrieb:
> > Meechmunchie still doesn't get it.
> That could be.   :-|

I was referring to your "recommendation" not to release developer versions of 
Scribus. That's _exactly_ how open source works. Release source code and 
binaries as often as possible to get both tested by as many people as 

> > That's one of the main reasons this list exists. And it's one of the best
> > and fastest support "organisations" I know :)
> Hey, I've tried "to do some work" and wrote on bugtracker and this list.
> Often this is much more you can expect from a "Windows-Boy".
>     :-D

Then why all the rest of your song and dance, inluding comments that are close 
to insults? It's not really helpful. Don't get me wrong, I like good jokes 
and humour, but I'd stress the word "good" here. OK, that's a matter of 


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