[Scribus] lifting

pixelnate pixelnate
Mon Apr 10 16:45:53 CEST 2006

Meechmunchie wrote:
> Pierre-Luc Auclair schrieb:
>>> Scribus to output as a book or whatever.
>>> Illustrator has no multi-page feature (major detriment as far as I am
>>> concerned).
>> ...which is normal when you understand that Illustrator is made for 
>> "illustrations" and InDesign or Scribus is made to actually set all your 
>> text...
> But it is wonderful to rape AI for it. And Scribus, too.   :-D
I am having trouble getting the fonts I use to show up in Scribus. Doing 
more research for now. Until then, designing in Illustrator and 
converting text to paths and embedding all files. Using v1.3.3 on Mac 

And just for the record you could use Macromedia's (RIP) Freehand to all 
design and layout including multipage, multiple sized documents. I was 
lamenting the fact that that kind of thing wasn't, and has never been in 


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