[Scribus] Scribus on Windows XP

Richard Weingartner mathwhiz
Sun Apr 9 23:32:51 CEST 2006

At 05:05 PM 4/9/2006, Michael Engel wrote:

>Well said. It is not about Windows, Mac or Linux - it is about Scribus.
>And sometimes, people (like me) need to use Windows because there are
>programs which are Windows only.
>Thanks to the development team of Scribus for their Windows port.

It can also be viewed as having OOS applications ported to Windows as 
a way to help users migrate to Linux.  If someone who has been using 
Windows for awhile and gets used to OOS applications that are 
available on other platforms, making a switch to a new platform will 
be much easier when there are familiar applications waiting for them.


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