[Scribus] Large files

Craig Ringer craig
Sun Apr 9 05:18:30 CEST 2006

Pierre Marchand wrote:

>Don't be rude, it's morning idea.
>Would it be a way to just render the current page (at least as an
>option) in order to make Scribus comfortable with large files?
To do that, text reflow needs to be separated from drawing, since the 
appearance of the current page is dependent on flowed text from previous 
pages. Andreas is working on doing this along with the new text engine 
work. Ideally the two would never have been mingled in the first place, 
but since they are there's no way to make pages draw completely 
independently until they're separated out.

Scribus should already be reasonably comfortable with quite large files 
so long as linked text runs don't flow throughout the document, and so 
long as you have enough RAM (which may mean LOTS of RAM depending on the 
doc contents and how you're going to export it).

Craig Ringer

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