[Scribus] Text flowing advanced workflow ideas

Thomas Zastrow listen
Sat Apr 8 19:04:11 CEST 2006

Pierre-Luc Auclair schrieb:

>On Saturday 08 April 2006 11:24, you wrote:
>>Hi Louis,
>>I was thinking about your problem and came up with a design that I think
>>would allow easy doing of this (see my comment):
>>For newspaper/manazine I will suggest another approach, that is having a
>>property for masters elements that allow editing.
>>I am currently thinking about a solution that would have a complex but easy
>>approach for newpapers, that is automatic flowing of text but with
>>rows/columns settings. For example, I would approach this as the following:
>>1. Import text (NOT insert from frame)
>>2. Click on the top-left corner where you want to flow it (or another,
>>depending on the language).
>>3. Select the "spreading", that is, the number of columns and the number of
>>rows used.

Hmm ... that would feel like PageMaker I think ;-)

I would prefer to do that in a more "Scribus-like" way:

1. Creating a text-frame and - optional - setting the properties like 
number of columns etc.
2. Importing the text.
3. When the text is too long: A dialog warns you and gives optional the 
possibility to add more pages with text-frames on it. These text-frames 
should simple copy the properties of the first text-frame.

I think that this solution isn't soooo dificult to implement, but it 
could handle 99% of the cases which are in my mind.



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