[Scribus] about 1.3.3 WinXP

Le Tigre scribus
Sat Apr 8 17:34:11 CEST 2006

Hi folks

I just wanted to say that the final 1.3.3 on Windows seemed to us less 
stable than the previous one (which was 1.3.3cvs of 17 feb).
I'm not the person in the Tiger team who're on Windows (3 on 4 are on 
Linux, and the last on Win), so I can't give you many details, but for 
instance, the import of leading pages made some crashes, as it was in 
the 1.3.2 (but on Linux, it's fine).

I'm sorry I can't tell you the other problems, cause we had to go back 
to the cvs of 17 feb - because we had to make the "nouveau num?ro"! So I 
hope some people will tell you about the problems on that version of 

I realize that what we can do, we the users, is to help you telling the 
bugs we meet, and I feel sorry not to do that...



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