[Scribus] How to export in AI-10 for Scribus ?

Meechmunchie meechmunchie
Thu Apr 6 17:28:03 CEST 2006

Peter ?uhalev schrieb:

> To use your image later in Scribus just Save As in SVG.

Kay. But it seems to me that SVG isn't yet a file format wich I can give 
away to the masses.

> This way you can 
> still change it in Inkscape ...

Inkscape is a nice software. I've tried it some weeks ago.

> ... and inside Scribus.


> An option is exporting as EPS and then importing in Scribus also.

Right. But importing EPS in Scribus results in a lousy end of good mood 
for the following day.

> Just try what works best.

I wana use it. An not trying try for try, day for day how it possibly 
can works.
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