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Peter Barnes scribus
Thu Apr 6 17:04:10 CEST 2006

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> > Diverging slightly, I do find it strange using Scribus where I 
> > can't edit in layout mode, only in story editor mode. In 
> > Pagemaker I have always done final adjustments to text in layout 
> > mode because you can immediately see the effects on the layout. 
> > Having to keep toggling between the two modes, opening and 
> > closing boxes, seems very inconvenient. Or is there away of 
> > editing text in layout mode that I haven't found yet?
> >
> > Peter
> Sure. In layout mode select the editing tool from the toolbar and 
> place it in text. It's slow, but it works fine.
> HW

Hello Howard,
I think you helped me last time I was looking at Scribus, about a year ago. Well I've finally got around to it again this week!

Thanks for directing me to the editing tool - I was looking for it around the Insert Text tool and pointer tool. Thank goodness - I was thinking that it didn't exist! I probaby used it a year ago - but then you can forget a lot in a year at my age!


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