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Peter Barnes scribus
Thu Apr 6 16:40:13 CEST 2006

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> Peter Barnes wrote:
> > In Scribus how do I use the Bookmarks? When I click on Tools,
> > Bookmarks I get a box titled Bookmarks enclosing a grey band with -
> > guess what - Bookmarks written on it. But whatever, I click nothing
> > happens. Am I missing something obvious (not uncommon!) or does my
> > Bookmark function not work? (But it's a nice box!) Thanks!
> >
> Peter, the bookmarks window will show you the bookmarks if any that you
> have in the document you are editing. You can make an element in the
> document e.g. a text box containing a heading, as bookmark by
> right-clicking on it and choosing This is a Bookmark under the PDF
> Options menu.
Thanks, that gets me closer to a solution. But I can't find out how to bookmark a single word in a paragraph - or even a single sentence in a paragraph. Does this mean I can bookmark only whole paragraphs and boxes, graphics etc? I've been used to bookmarking words in Pagemaker (like hyperlinking in a web page) for making my PDF newsletters.

Diverging slightly, I do find it strange using Scribus where I can't edit in layout mode, only in story editor mode. In Pagemaker I have always done final adjustments to text in layout mode because you can immediately see the effects on the layout. Having to keep toggling between the two modes, opening and closing boxes, seems very inconvenient. Or is there away of editing text in layout mode that I haven't found yet?


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