[Scribus] Text-Frame with 2 Columns?

Christoph Schäfer christoph-schaefer
Thu Apr 6 03:34:12 CEST 2006

Am Donnerstag, 6. April 2006 02:42 schrieb avox:
> Thomas Zastrow-4 wrote:
> > Thank you! I was blind ... ;-)
> Well, if, you are not the only one. Honestly, who found that setting
> the first time without asking? (not counting MrB, Franz, Tsoots or
> whoever implemented it)
> This must be one of the top 10 most frequently asked questions,
> and most people *had a look* at Palette->Shape and still missed it.

IMHO, this seems to be a no-brainer to solve. Multi-column layout can only be 
applied to text frames, so why not move it to the text tab in the properties 
palette? There's enough space left.

To me, this seems to be a typical case of a conflict between a developer's 
logic and a user's logic. For a developer, it seems to be clear that the 
feature belongs either to "X, Y, Z" or "Shape", but since it's a typical text 
feature, most users will expect this in the text tab.

For the German speaking users (please don't kill me, Andreas and Johannes): 
It's almost the same with the changes in writing ss/?: the "new" rule seems 
to be quite logical at first glance, but in reality, it's harder to use and 
to read.

Usability and ease of use have much to do with intuition, so why not follow 
the intuition of the users and do the obvious?

> /Andreas



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