[Scribus] Importing real text frrtom (E)PS files

Julian Robbins julian.robbins
Wed Apr 5 15:06:47 CEST 2006

avox wrote:
> Hi Julian!
> Scribus PS import converts all text to vectors by design. The rationale
> behind 
> this is to keep the exact layout of the imported EPS. This would not be
> possible
> with Scribus text object, since they would reflow the text.
> The second problem is that text in PS file looses its article structure.
> There might
> be additional word breaks and the sequence of lines would have to be guessed
> (think of a two column layout, Scribus would have to figure out that there
> are
> two columns and then put the words into the right order).
> Maybe a future version of psimport will have an option for the thing you
> want,
> but I can't make any promises about that.
> /Andreas
Thanks for the quick answers from Peter and Andreas. At least I know now 
that this isn't possible.

The reason I asked specifically is to recreate 'Specification Tables' I 
have in datasheets in Coreldraw. Editing every single text table part 
imported from ps file is quite time consuming. Unfortunately, I cant 
really leave these as polygons, as the text changes from time to time....

Looks like it will have to be the slow way for me. Possibly I'll look at 
the previously mentioned use of OO Draw for tables instead.

Could I suggest that the limitation of PS not being able to import text 
is made a bit clearer in the application and/or in the Docs? I couldn't 
find any documentation that actually said this, and I have been a 
Scribus user since version 0.5 ...

Many, many thanks though

Kind Regards,
Julian Robbins

Applications Engineer
julian.robbins at q-par.com

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