[Scribus] Image compression in PDF export

Craig Ringer craig
Wed Apr 5 02:36:30 CEST 2006

Wolfgang Dobler wrote:
> I think the PDF export dialog could need some improvements to make
> production of web-oriented (i.e. compact) PDF easier.
> If I export a document with a few JPEG images to PDF and click `Resample
> images', there are two points that are irritating.
> 1. Images are also `upsampled' (refined) if they originally had a lower
>    resolution than what I choose here. I think this is rarely useful and
>    if it needs to be possible, there should at least be a radio button
>    `Never upsample' [replace by word that really exists] that is on by
>    default.
>      In an ideal world, this situation would never occur, but in reality
>    you have to deal with low-resolution photos from you contributors all
>    of the time.

I personally see no case where upsampling by the application is 
appropriate. If an image is low-res, let the RIP render it as best it 
can with the available information, or upsample it in a graphics app. 
It's not worth the confusion (and resource use!) of having Scribus do it 
IMO. I actually thought this was fixed in 1.3.x already.

Craig Ringer

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