[Scribus] Scribus in the Art Lab

pixelnate pixelnate
Mon Apr 3 23:41:07 CEST 2006

Maciej Hanski wrote:
> pixelnate napisa?(a):
>> I cannot wait to see Scribus v3!
> Actually, your expectations could be fullfilled even quicker,  if you
> tried to contribute some of these thoughts to the project in more
> constructive way. Which means, your energy would be spent much more
> effectively if you searched http://bugs.scribus.net for the features in
> questions and tried to submit feature requests, if there weren't any of
> them. If you don't know how to start see for example some of the rfe's
> submitted by  PLucAuclair
I will have to check that out. Maybe this weekend, when I have some 
time, I will see if I can get it up and running on the Mac at home. 
Honestly, I am hopeful that Scribus will be the be-all end-all layout 
app of the future. I really hate Adobe, and worse, I hate monopolies. If 
I had the cash I would pull a Shuttlesworth and bankroll the whole 
Scribus project. That is, if I had the money, that is.
> see you on bugs.scribus.net
> Maciej
See you there.


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