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Craig Bradney cbradney
Mon Apr 3 22:22:40 CEST 2006

> Incorrect. A university is for learning. A degree is earned through
> judicious study of the subjects offered. You learn what they tell you.
> If anything, a university education closes your mind. It imbues you with
> the ability to understand things you did not know when you went in.

Choose a better university then...

> What I can't abide by are the OSS apologists who think that OSS tools
> are the best tools in the biz. Many are and others simply are not. There
> are some really cool things that Inkscape has. I love the gradient tools
> (unmatched by Illustrator) and I really like the way it handles boxes
> with rounded corners (also superior to Illustrator), and the Tile Clones
> tool is also something I would like to see in Illustrator. However, the
> current layer scheme is terrible, and it is impossible to see CMYK
> colors in even a rough approximation of how they will print.

Inkscape SVN now supports LittleCMS

> And I reserving any judgement against Scribus until v1.4 comes out. The
> simple lack of the ability to set a bleed is enough to keep me from
> doing any real work in it at the moment. That said, I am _really_
> looking forward to the 1.4 release. I like that you can also specify ICC
> profiles in the layout doc. That was lacking in Quark for a long time.
> But I don't think that it is the responsibility of the layout app to do
> color space conversion. Kudos for the inclusion of it, but IMHO, this
> is/should be happening in Gimp.

There are many people using Scribus for real, professional work now. It might 
not be perfect in some areas, and perhaps not for you but you talk like the 
OSS graphics apps really are a long way behind in most things which is 

So, you have surely posted a bug with Adobe to remove all profiling support 
from InDesign too I assume.

Gimp will support CMYK and colour management in the future. Krita already 
does, and up to 64bit.

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