[Scribus] Vector graphic?

Gerhard Gaußling ggnewsletter
Sat Apr 1 15:20:43 CEST 2006

Am Freitag, 31. M?rz 2006 19:02 schrieb Frank Cox:
> I haven't tried EPS, but I just tried a SVG export and got the
> graphic part of my label but the text is missing. ?What did I do
> wrong?

Maybe your font setup is wrong.
I also get wrong fonts in the created svg files. 
There is an option for the new windows binary. I don't know if this 
applies also to other OS's and versions.

http://windows.scribus.net/ :
"Again, Scribus is very particular about font quality. Use of freeware 
or shareware fonts is not recommended. There is an extensive and 
informative set of notes in the online help about fonts and commercial 
grade printing. Scribus scans fonts on launch and will disable 
obviously broken or problematic fonts. These notes are based on 
experience both with Scribus and commercial printing. You can detect 
which which fonts are not loading and why, by opening a command prompt 
and starting Scribus as follows:

Your almost there:
If you manage to get the font included and your logo does not come with 
embedded bitmaps, it should be ready for your printer.



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