[Scribus] Vector graphic?

stu seven stu7seven
Sat Apr 1 01:32:13 CEST 2006

+  I'd like to add to this discussion the following which
 may help in you're getting SVG or other export from
 your design... rather than trying to convert the PDF
 output, start over with your original design... this can
 be rendered SVG in several applications...
  ...if you will then do the same with your typography,
 the two can be edited together for a final SVG including

     Also, don't be too critical of the print shop's file format
 limitations... most print shops start with the format most
 familiar to them, and then expand with customer demand
 for further.

     The process I suggest is a matter of five minutes...
 well worth saving the $50 "conversion" fee... and you're
 not really sure they'd do it very well either  :)

On 3/31/06, Frank Cox <melville.theatre at gmail.com> wrote:
> I am getting some custom plastic bags printed and made my design using Scribus
> (of course).  I sent the artwork in to the bag manufacturer in PDF format,
> assuming that pretty much all printing work seems to use PDF.
> One of the guys from there just called me to ask if I can send the file in a
> "vector graphic" format instead of PDF.  They can convert it, but they will
> charge me an extra $45 to do it.
> So... is it possible to convert a Scribus-generated file into a vector graphic?
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