[Scribus] Re: open dtp livecd

Daniel ANDRE daniel.andre
Fri Sep 23 09:37:10 CEST 2005

Bo?tjan ?peti? a ?crit :
> hi

I don't know what you're including but I should include gimp ans 
cinepaint. The main avantage of cinepaint is that it supports 16b per 
channel pictures.



> i expect to prepare alpha version of livecd containing scribus in at 
> most usefull eviroment of apps, fonts and setting, based on the 
> specification from the wiki. if anybody has anything to add to this, 
> this is the perfect moment.
> and for this livecd, i'll need some artwork. is anyone willing to 
> prepare a splash screen, wallpaper, basic pallete and cover design for 
> the cd? maybe even a special desktop theme? on wiki, there is a 
> drag-and-drop argument for kde. i'm wondering wheter this is still the 
> case, or does drag and drop work elsewhere also? i this even an issue? 
> shall i stick to kde then?
> note that this will be only alpha version, which should evolve in the 
> next few weeks. i am aware that the livecd's have very limited use, but 
> please don't throw a flame war about it now - i'm making it anyway.
> regards, bostjan

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