[Scribus] QT/KDE bugs?

Franz Schmid Franz.Schmid
Mon Sep 26 21:15:59 CEST 2005

BandiPat schrieb:
> Hi guys,
> Just saw this email on the SuSE list:
> quote:
> Brad Pepers
> brad at linuxcanada.com
> There is a bug in the Qt/KDE integration patches to Qt in SuSE 9.3
> which is causing third-party applications such as Quasar, Scribus, and
> LinCVS to fail to work properly.  Its easy to duplicate and show and is
> a problem in the patch to redirect Qt QMessageBox static methods to KDE 
> message boxes.  The basic problem is that there are two ways to call
> the QMessageBox functions.  One way you pass in the text for the
> buttons on the message box and it should return which button was
> pressed (0, 1, or 2).  The other way to call something like
> QMessageBox::warning though is to pass in a list of button ids such as
> QMessageBox::Yes/No/Cancel/... and in this case what should be returned
> is the button id that was clicked.  The replacement code added in SuSE
> 9.3 that passes these functions off to KDE treats these both the same
> and will return the button number (0/1/2) in each case.  So any code
> that uses Qt and calls QMessageBox::warning with button ids of
> QMessageBox::Yes and QMessageBox::No and then checks the result to make
> sure it matches QMessageBox::Yes will now fail and the user is left
> with an application that won't do the work regardless of whether they
> choose Yes or No!
> unquote
> As I am still running 9.2, but have the newer KDE/QT installed, I can't
> recall having this problem, but speaking with a user of SuSE 10, it
> does exist.  Now the simple thing, it seems to me, would be for those
> three mentioned programs to adjust their coding to eliminate this
> problem.  Although it may be a QT/KDE or SuSE problem, which I'm
> confident will be fixed, if it's a deal breaking bug, wouldn't it be
> easiest to fix at the program level? If there are only a few programs
> finding this bug, wouldn't it be easier for them to provide a fix for
> their programs? The Scribus guys may already be aware and have a fix?
I'm the opinion that the SuSE guys should fix that bug as soon as possible,
it's their bug, not our's. And they should stop patching software that doesn't
need to be patched only to do some in my opinion unnesseccary KDE integration.

Franz Schmid

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