[Scribus] printing with linescreen

Scott A. Phipps saphipps
Mon Sep 26 04:18:09 CEST 2005

> Scott,
> I ended up printing the main document (tabloid size) from Acrobat on a 
> windows computer at Kinkos. I then printed out the parts that needed 
> screening on my laser printer using ghostscript. Finally, I physically 
> pasted the screened image onto the main document. That's the only way I 
> could figure out how to do it short of buying a tabloid size laser 
> printer. 
> I would have loved to have done the whole thing in one step but the 
> computer at Kinkos does not have ghostscript on it. 
> I guess I could have tried importing the pdf into Corel Draw but didn't 
> have much faith in Corel's pdf filter. Has it improved any? 
> Wayne
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Thanks for the update. I've never used Corel, so I can't say if it is
any better or not. We have a tabloid sized xerox printer with support
for Adobe Postscript 3, but I was hoping for something a little more
simple than using ghostscript as suggested. I'm not sure what the
linescreen setting in scribus are supposed to do, as I don't get any
different output when printing with acrobat 7. I am hoping somebody can
tell me the optimal way to use the built in settings so that there is an
easy way for the students to do the printing after I get through setting
everything up.

Thanks again


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