[Scribus] OpenType: No kerning?

Andreas Vox vox
Sat Sep 24 00:42:35 CEST 2005

Craig wrote:

> On Thu, 2005-09-22 at 21:55 +0200, Robert Memering wrote:
> > Hello all,
> >
> > it seems as if scribus does not do kerning with
> > OpenType fonts at all. I entered combinations like
> > "Ve" and "To" using a quality Adobe OpenType font
> > and I got no kerning.
> >
> > Am I doing something wrong?
> As far as I know, automatic pair kerning from OpenType fonts is not
> supported yet. Support for OpenType fonts is present, but many OpenType
> features aren't used.

I checked this and the information is correct. Scribus uses Freetype to 
access fonts and Freetype only accesses kerning information from AFM 
files and TTF kern tables.
If an OTF font is not Truetype based but CFF based, it does not have a 
kern table but a GPOS table, which is not supported yet. From the OTF 

"OpenTypeTM  fonts containing CFF outlines are not supported by the 
'kern' table and must use the 'GPOS' OpenType Layout table."

> Much of this is planned for the 1.3.x series,
> since the text engine is being significantly reworked.

Also true. The new text engine will use GPOS tables.


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