[Scribus] Ligatures and "Expert Fonts" again

Oleksandr Moskalenko malex
Thu Sep 22 23:42:25 CEST 2005

* Andreas Vox <vox at isp.uni-luebeck.de> [2005-09-22 15:41:39 +0200]:

> Craig Ringer wrote:
> >On Thu, 2005-09-22 at 01:00 +0200, Andreas Vox wrote:
> >> John Jordan wrote:
> >
> ...
> >> > The system works extremely well. In the currrent version of
> >> > InDesign there are several ligature options. You can turn on the f-
> >> > ligatures, you can turn on "discretionary" ligatures (ct, st, 
> >etc.),
> >> > and/or you can turn on swash alternates.
> >>
> >> Charwise, paragraphwise or
> >
> >For Scribus, maybe Stylewise?
> Yes, of course :-)
> We plan to have charstyles and paragraphstyles (which can also contain 
> a charstyle)
> and default paragraphstyles for frames / documents.

In the current version of the new file format "paragraph styles" _are_
the "text styles a.k.a charstyles" with paragraph-specific extensions. There
is currently no pre-set limit on the text style inheritance. So, it should be
possible to produce whatever text style hierarchy is needed for the task.

Below is an excerpt from the DTD if anyone would like to see the actual
definitions and comment on them.

<!ENTITY % char-style-attr 'id ID #REQUIRED
                    parentstyleid IDREF #IMPLIED
                    font-face CDATA "Bitstream Vera Regular"
                    font-family-hint CDATA "Vera"
                    font-weight-hint CDATA "Regular"
                    font-slant-hint CDATA "Normal"
                    font-size CDATA "12"
                    font-size-units (pt|pc) "pt"
                    font-width CDATA "1"
                    char-tracking CDATA "0"
                    word-tracking CDATA "0"
                    font-kerning CDATA "0"
                    font-leading-type (relative|auto|fixed|grid) "relative"
                    font-leading-type-amount CDATA "1"
                    font-leading-mode (proportional|baseline|top-of-caps|custom) "proportional"
                    font-leading-mode-amount CDATA "1"
                    font-rank (subscript|superscript) #IMPLIED
                    font-capitalization (uppercase|lowercase|title-case|small-caps) #IMPLIED
                    font-underline (yes|no) "no"
                    font-strikethrough (yes|no) "no"
                    font-outline (yes|no) "no"
                    text-stroke-color CDATA #IMPLIED
                    text-stroke-shadow CDATA #IMPLIED
                    text-stroke-opacity CDATA #IMPLIED
                    text-fill-color CDATA #IMPLIED
                    text-fill-shadow CDATA #IMPLIED
                    text-fill-opacity CDATA #IMPLIED
                    justification (left|right|center|justify|force-justify) "left"
                    language CDATA "en"
                    text-direction CDATA "ltr"
                    solid-block (yes|no) "no"'>

<!ELEMENT txt-style EMPTY>
<!ATTLIST txt-style %char-style-attr;>

<!ELEMENT par-style EMPTY>
<!ATTLIST par-style %char-style-attr;
                    par-indent-first CDATA #IMPLIED
                    par-indent-left CDATA #IMPLIED
                    par-indent-right CDATA #IMPLIED
                    par-indent-unit %unit;
                    par-indent-hanging (yes|no) "no"
                    par-spacing-before CDATA #IMPLIED
                    par-spacing-after CDATA #IMPLIED
                    par-spacing-unit %unit;
                    par-type (normal|bullet|drop-cap|incr-number) "normal"
                    bullet-char ENTITY #IMPLIED>

> >If that control is part of char styles, then you can have it work on an
> >ad-hoc basis via anonymous char styles, on a par basis (by applying a
> >char style for the par) and to an extent on a document basis using a
> >default "base" char style if some sort of inheritance is supported.
> >
> >For all I know this is the plan aready, but it's worth mentioning
> >anyway.
> Yep.
> /Andreas
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