[Scribus] Ligatures and "Expert Fonts" again

frank gaude' tanzen
Wed Sep 21 23:33:44 CEST 2005

There's a long way to go to catch up with what Adobe's InDesign, for the 
last three versions (6, CS, and CS 2) can do. They cover OpenType, 
strokes, type manipulation, plus shadowing to my needs for the last four 
or so years.


Louis Desjardins wrote:

> Hi,
> As a footnote, I'd like to add that Quark has never had an elegant way 
> to achieve this either.
> The only efficient way that I know to work with Expert fonts was to 
> use an XTension (that is not supported anymore) running with version 
> 4.x and below. (Something like a super search & replace dialog.)
> Louis
> Andreas Vox a ?crit :
>> Robert Memering wrote:
>>> Is there any way to find out if there's hope for these
>>> features to be included in the near future?
>> Depends on your concept of "near future":
>> * next four weeks: unlikely
>> * next four months: very likely
Four months, huh? I sure hope you are on the mark, Louis

>> I think it will definitely be included in the next major stable 
>> release (1.4)
>> which will take some more time, since we are only at the beginning of 
>> the 1.3 series.
>>> I find them quite essential for high quality DTP.
>>> It seems that I will have to continue using LaTeX for
>>> things it wasn't intended for...
>> AFAIK you have to do some tweaking with LaTeX to access those font 
>> features...
>> I'm not very firm with Scribus scripting, but I think it would be 
>> possible for you  to develop a Python script "replace with oldstyle 
>> numerals in selection" which automates the "insert special" 
>> procedure. This is not the way we want to implement it though (we 
>> plan some sort of charstyle for those features).
>> /Andreas 

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