[Scribus] snap to guides

Peter Nermander m8130
Tue Sep 20 07:05:08 CEST 2005

> really activate it? Another question: are the margins guides?

The margins work as guides, and optionally as a clipping path (settable in the
preferences, I think it's called Clip to margins).

> One more question: is there a way to make a changeable template (a sort of
> template, I'd say)? I have a lot of pages to make, and they are all slightly
> the same: the text frames are connected from each page to the next, like in
> the following diagram:

One of the things on the roadmap (but not yet implemented) is the possibility to
put contents in objects in the master pages (page templates). But right now that
is not possible (I also wonder what would happend i such a case if you change
the master page for a page, will the content disappear?).

Whay you can do is copy and paste, but I think you can also put a copy in the
scrap book (that's kind of what it is for, keeping objects or groups of objects
you need often). It works as a kind of "library" with objects you can insert
into your document.

Unfortunately you will still have to do the linking by hand... Maybe you should
consider using something else than Scribus for the document? I'm not sure if
LaTeX would do it better, maybe DocBook or some other SGML-DTD have support for
multi language documents and will handle it better?

Done right, with SGML and DSSSL, you just run a command line and get a PDF out
of it (and also easy to get a HTML output, or a plain text output, or... well,
almost any output).

This looks like a short introduction to what it can do

(The problem is, of course, that fine tuning the layout probably is harder to


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