[Scribus] snap to guides

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Tue Sep 20 03:36:04 CEST 2005

Tiago Saboga wrote:

>One more question: is there a way to make a changeable template (a sort of 
>template, I'd say)? I have a lot of pages to make, and they are all slightly 
>the same: the text frames are connected from each page to the next, like in 
>the following diagram:
>|  |--------|  |
>|  |        |  |
>|  | text 1 |  |
>|  |--------|  |
>|              |
>||-----| |-----|
>||text2| |text3|
>||-----| |-----|
>So, in each page, text 1 is connected to text 1 in the next and in the 
>previous page, and the same for text2 and text3. So I have to create 40 pages 
>with the linked text frames, and after that, I have to work on each page, 
>changing a little the box size, deciding what will fit in each page. (In 
>fact, it's a trilingual document, so I have to align the three portions of 
>text). Is there a good way to do that?
 From what I understand, it sounds like each page is unique, in other 
words you don't continue linking to the next page, is that right?
If that's the case, you can make your text frames, then copy the page 
over and over. What you won't copy is any linking that was on the 
original, but linking is pretty easy. If you have to individually enter 
or load the text for each page anyway, that's not so much more work.


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