[Scribus] Bold etc

Peter Nermander m8130
Fri Sep 16 08:33:17 CEST 2005

> Which bold would you select from a font that you may have installed that
> includes bold, semibold, extra bold, heavy, ultrabold, medium? Same for
> italics and widths. We do have future plans for making this easier, but you
> see the issue with regards to multiple levels of boldness etc.

I though just popped up in my mind, how about solving this by some kind of "sub
styles"? I.e. text styles inherited from paragraph style.

So for example you define a paragraph style called "Body text", and within that
style you define sub styles for B, I etc, so their names become like "Body
text-B". Then by hitting Ctrl-B you select sub style B, i.e. "Body text-B".

The if you change the paragraph style of the text to something else, for example
"Footnote" the text previously "Body text-B" becomes "Foonote-B".

Of course the names B, I etc would just be default examples, and others could be
defined by the user.

That would prevent the problem of having to change all instances of "bold" text
if you change the paragraph style 8which would be the case if using "plain" text
styles, since they are not in any way inherited from the paragraph style (or are
they intended to be?).

I even though of this cascading for master pages, but it might become to messy.
The intent was to be able to define margins for a whole section of the
document in one master page/page style for the whole section, and then
individual pages within the section could have additional master pages
with guides etc for just that kind of page. It would make "global changes"
a lot easier.


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