[Scribus] feature requests

Craig Bradney cbradney
Thu Sep 15 15:53:56 CEST 2005

On Thursday 15 September 2005 15:20, EdbO wrote:
> Hello,
> Where can I put my featere requests because I had some things:


> - Add styles easier to the text. In the Story editor I have to click
> for every section.

You can select areas of text there too and choose in the top toolbar.

> - Show the style also in the Story editor, not only on the page itself.

Styles are not shown in the Story Editor. Its purely an editor.

> - Add offset of outside of a frame (left, right, top, bottom) in the
> proportie-editor, so
>   when you have an image in the text, your text have an offset unitl
> the frame. This
>   is also available in Quark and Indesign.

Not currently possible. We have inline objects in progress but theres no 
control for this stuff. Placing an image in an image frame and either editing 
the frame or using the contour line works very easily for this though.

> - Make editing text on the page itself more stable and faster. When I
> selecting text
>   the selection is about 2 seconds slower then my mouse.

We know.. work in progress, but the time really depends on the document and 
the PC.

> - Add extra key-controls (control + ...) for bold, underline and italic.

Which bold would you select from a font that you may have installed that 
includes bold, semibold, extra bold, heavy, ultrabold, medium? Same for 
italics and widths. We do have future plans for making this easier, but you 
see the issue with regards to multiple levels of boldness etc.

> - When I want to move the image in a frame I have to double click on
> the frame. Is
>   it possible to use a key (e.q. control or shift) and the mouse?

Not at this point. Please put in a request for this one.

BTW, what version of Scribus is this for?

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