[Scribus] feature requests

EdbO edbo.design
Thu Sep 15 15:20:29 CEST 2005


Where can I put my featere requests because I had some things:
- Add styles easier to the text. In the Story editor I have to click
for every section.
- Show the style also in the Story editor, not only on the page itself.
- Add offset of outside of a frame (left, right, top, bottom) in the
proportie-editor, so
  when you have an image in the text, your text have an offset unitl
the frame. This
  is also available in Quark and Indesign.
- Make editing text on the page itself more stable and faster. When I
selecting text
  the selection is about 2 seconds slower then my mouse.
- Add extra key-controls (control + ...) for bold, underline and italic.
- When I want to move the image in a frame I have to double click on
the frame. Is
  it possible to use a key (e.q. control or shift) and the mouse?


E. Boer

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