[Scribus] Announce: Scribus 1.2.3 Released

Christoph Schäfer christoph-schaefer
Thu Sep 15 04:44:24 CEST 2005

Hi Russ,

this might help to clean up your system:

1) Hopefully, you have retained the directory with the 1.2.2cvs data. If 
that's the case, run -- as root -- "make uninstall" from within the 
1.2.2cvs directory

2) To be on the safe side, also remove the rpm (either with YAST or via 
rpm on the command line; I'd prefer the latter) and re-install the 
Scribus package.

3) If you still see a wrong version number, right click the icon or the 
K-menu entry, and you can fix this in the menu editor.



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