[Scribus] Announce: Scribus 1.2.3 Released

Russbucket russbucket
Thu Sep 15 00:47:18 CEST 2005

On Tuesday 13 September 2005 04:03 pm, PLinnell wrote:
> The Scribus Team is pleased to announce the release of Scribus 1.2.3 -
> Open Source Page Layout. The Scribus team urges all users and distros
> to use this latest stable release. The 1.2.3 release is focused on
> minor enhancements, bugfixes and additional documentation.
> Building on the version released in July, 1.2.3 refines the
> 1.2 series with many fixes and some enhancements :
> Scribus now supports the proposed openicc specification for color
> management profiles.
> The 1.2.3 release also adds updated English documentation, along with
> many updated GUI translations.
> Many locale and Unicode fixes and enhancements
> After this release, the Scribus team will concentrate work on the
> 1.3.x development series, with a release of 1.3.1 imminent. We will
> continue to maintain the 1.2.x series, and already are working on
> version 1.2.4, with further enhancements to come.
> The Scribus Team would also like to thank Anduin.net/?verby Consulting
> and n at work GmbH, Hamburg for gracefully sponsoring our Scribus
> Documentation site, our Bug Tracker and Anonymous CVS server. Also, a
> note of thanks to University of Salford - School of Media, Music and
> Performance for providing continued hosting of www.scribus.net and
> upgrading the server hardware.
> Getting Scribus 1.2.3:
> You can:
> Download source tarballs and document templates and some rpms from our
> Sourceforge Download page http://scribus.sourceforge.net
> Visit the downloads page on http://www.scribus.org.uk for the same.
> Download from our Scribus Docs mirror. http://docs.scribus.net
> For Debian and Ubuntu repositories, visit Scribus Debian Repository.
> http://debian.scribus.net
> The Scribus Team would also like to thank the many end users, testers
> and contributors to making this our finest release to date.
I installed 1.2.3 yesterday from the SuSE9.1 rpm. When I start Scribus up it 
still shows as 1.2.2CVS. When I check with YaST it says 1.2.3 is installed 
and the Icon shows it was modified yesterday. I tryed deleting the Icon and 
replaced it and still shows the cvs name.

I thought I saw an item on the mailing list but I cannot find it. It also is 
not shown in the Bug tracker. Is this a bug to report or ?


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