[Scribus] Stylemanager in 1.3.0 close with ONE click

Christoph Schäfer christoph-schaefer
Wed Sep 14 23:33:51 CEST 2005


> Hello,
> I created a document with 50 pages. I added several styles. When I add a
> style to the text, sometimes I click on "Edit Style" and the
> Stylemanager dialog comes up. 
> When I want to close that dialog I have to click many many times before
> the dialog disapear. This is realy frustated.
> Is there a workaround to close that dialog with ONE click?

IIRC, there is a bug recorded for the problem. Remember, you are not 
working with the stable branch of scribus. If you want to get your work 
safely done, I recommend the use of 1.2.3, released yesterday.

In case you do, please note that scribus 1.3x files can't be edited in 
1.2x. So, if your work is still in its early stage, you might want to 
install 1.2.3 and start from scratch.



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