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PLinnell mrdocs
Wed Sep 14 23:25:11 CEST 2005

On Wednesday 14 September 2005 22:40, Bart Alberti wrote:
> In scribus version 1.3.1cvs 2 September 2005 C-C-T-F-A,
> why is cairo not enabled? YAST says cairo is a vector drawing
> library for PDF etc creation.
> PS: Of course I can't compile now until the automake issue is
> resolved (I don't really want to go back and expect SuSE 9.3 ASAP).
> --------->>>>>>>>>>
> config.status: executing depfiles commands
> Configuration Summary:
> Libraries:
>    Freetype2 installed:     Yes
>    Fontconfig found:        Yes
>    CUPS installed:          Yes
>    LittleCMS installed:     Yes
>    libtiff installed:       Yes
>    Libxml2 installed:       Yes
>    Python installed:        Yes
> Configuration options:
>    Debugging enabled:       No
>    cairo enabled:           No
> Other details:
>    GhostScript 8.51 was found at /home/bart/bin/gs
> Good - your configure finished. Start make now
> bart at kissling:~/Scribus> rpm -qa|grep cairo
> cairo-0.1.23-3
> cairo-devel-0.1.23-3


On suse 9.x you need cairo 0.9+ or preferably 1.0. The API was not 
frozen before then.

To upgrade you will need to also upgrade glitz and libpixman too.


These are updates from the Suse 9.3 supplementary update and installed 
without a problem here. YYMV.

Hope that helps.


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