[Scribus]insert graphics help

Peter Shand peter
Sat Sep 10 15:10:40 CEST 2005

On Friday 09 September 2005 16:16, Aaron wrote:

>> Hi all,
>> I am creating a booklet with musical notation.
>> Each piece of notation has a number in a fancy frame.
>> I created three in the gimp and they looked pretty good.
>> later I made a copy in the gimp of the original frame and added more
>> numbers. When I put them into scribus they were much bigger than the
>> original.
>> I checked the sizes and they seemed to me to be the same.
>> How do I debug this?

Have you tried checking the resolution of the image in Gimp (Image/Print 
size). If this is set to 300 dpi then the image should import to Scribus 
at the same size as it is in Gimp. You may have to rescale the image in 
Gimp to obtain the size that you want. Of course you could resize the 
images in Scribus but probably safest to check up the Gimp side of 
things first.


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