[Scribus] Aqua Scribus faster version

Thomas Koll tomk32
Fri Sep 9 22:46:04 CEST 2005

Am 08.09.2005 um 16:36 schrieb Jan Ulrich Hasecke:

> Hi,
> I just downloaded the snapshot from 27.08 and I see some very cool  
> things. Wow!
> I want to use it intensively, but as announced on the website it is  
> rather slow. Is this due to a debugging mechanism? If yes, would it  
> be possible to provide a faster app without this? I would like to  
> do some real world editing with it, and it would be great if it  
> works faster. If I hit a bug I would switch to the debugging app if  
> necessary.

I'm happy to disagree about Speed. Compared to july 2nd it's much  
much faster for me and I don't think I'm doing Kindergarten stuff  
(see sig). Simple things like scrolling around are actually fun now!
Nonetheless, a binary without debug symbols and of course the diffs  
would be fine.

ciao, tom

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