[Scribus] CYMK problem - CMYK TIFFs with the GIMP

Andrew Perry andrewjamesperry
Thu Sep 8 02:05:56 CEST 2005

The GIMP Separate plugin will allow you to create CMYK TIFFs. It is a bit of 
a nasty hack, but it does work, and it uses Colour Profiles (not just 
mathematical RGB->CMYK conversion).
I needed to compile it from source for it to work.

Details at: http://www.blackfiveservices.co.uk/separate.shtml


>> I will experiment with the tiff format (from GIMP) and the possibility I 
>> in Photoshop to choose for CYMK there

>In current GIMP, you can't work in the CMYK colour space, neither can
>you apply any profiles. These features will be available in the next
>version (2.4). But if you don't need to edit your file, scribus is your
>friend. You can attach a profile to the image, do the gamut check and
>let scribus do the conversion when exporting to PDF.
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