[Scribus] Table borders

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Fri Sep 9 04:05:46 CEST 2005

Steve Veltkamp wrote:

>How can I add the borders to tables? The table works fine but I need to print 
>with the border lines between all cells. 
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Tables remain a rudimentary feature in Scribus.  As well as I am able to 
figure out, the only way to add these lines is to individually select 
each cell (double-click), then make sure you have a Color selected for 
lines in the Properties tool, then go to the Line tab of Properties Tool 
and select the boxes for lines at the top, bottom, left and right. If 
you have a large table, it will be laborious.

A Plan B if your a bit savvy with a text editor would be to save your 
.sla file, then load it into your editor (I used Emacs) and do a search 
and replace:

for TopLine="0" substitute TopLine="1",
BottomLine="0" > BottomLine="1",
LeftLine="0" > LeftLine="1",
RightLine="0" > RightLine="1".

It would be nice if these variables were together in the file, but 
they're scattered among the blob of variables for each OBJECT (and each 
cell is an individual OBJECT)

We're hoping for more ability to generate global properties for tables, 
and other features.

Plan C might be to make the table in oowriter and export as EPS, then 
import that to Scribus.


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