[Scribus] trouble compiling CVS 1.3.1 on MacosX

Martin Costabel costabel
Thu Sep 8 22:00:48 CEST 2005

Roberto wrote:
> Hi Andreas,
> You're doing a really great job first of all. The main reason that makes 
> me want to try comping the X11 version of Scribus is speed, because the 
> native aqua is too slow. Concerning the QTDIR variable, here's my 
> environment:
> PowerMac-G5:~/Scribus user$ export
> declare -x QMAKESPEC="/sw/share/qt3/mkspecs/darwin-g++"
> declare -x QTDIR="/sw"

I think this looks OK; but what configure options did you use? With

--with-qt-dir=/sw --with-qt-includes=/sw/include/qt 
--with-qt-libraries=/sw/lib --with-extra-includes=/sw/include 

it usually finds the qt3 libraries.


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