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PLinnell mrdocs
Wed Sep 7 22:48:34 CEST 2005

On Wednesday 07 September 2005 21:23, Cor Pernot wrote:
> Hi Christoph and Louis
> I was confused too, so I spoke again with people in the printshop.
> Why does my pdf not print well? (yes Christoph, I had used
> 'printer' in the pdf color settings).
> They told me that if they would do the job,  they would first
> 'translate' a jpg file to contain CYMK information (with photoshop
> they said). This jpg file would go into Xpress and a good pdf is
> the result. Sorry for my somewhat criptic last part in the first
> e-mail.
> I do not understand why they to this separate translation. Does
> Xpress not create a pdf with colors in the CYMK colorspace?
> So I am looking how to translate (RGB)?- jpg (stemming from a
> scanned photograph) to CYMK-jpg. I understand that it should go
> well with the 'printer' button in the pdf color settings.
> I will experiment with the tiff format (from GIMP) and the
> possibility I saw in Photoshop to choose for CYMK there.
> Thanks for your kind help so far.
> Best regards,
> Cor
> Op woensdag 7 september 2005 20:19, schreef Christoph Sch?fer:
> > Hi Cor,
> >
> > > Now it turns out that the printer shop needs a pdf file with
> > > information about the main colors and black (CYMK). They are
> > > printing on a 4 color offset machine and I am desperate, how to
> > > make a pdf file with separate information about the main colors
> > > and black?
> >
> > As Louis wrote, you can convert to TIF in GIMP (RGB only for the
> > time being), but I somehow doubt that it wouldn't work with JPEGs
> > either. You have to make sure that your output is "Printer" in
> > PDF settings. Scribus will then create a file with colours in
> > CMYK colourspace.
> >
> > As for the CMYK-values of the fill colour, the easiest way is to
> > write down the CMYK values from scribus and tell the printer what
> > they are (this colour is C= , M= , Y= , K= ). I always do that to
> > make sure I get what I want.
> >
> > > I hope someone of you can explain to me what to do. Is this
> > > possible with Scribus. The printer shop confirms that they make
> > > such a transalation with their DTP software (express I thought
> > > they mentioned).
> >
> > This is a strange thing that happens in many small shops. They
> > try to use QXP (Xtensions) for everything, including impositions
> > and separations. The result are problems that would not occur
> > with Acrobat + PitStop or other well suited programmes.
> >
> > groeten,
> >
> > Christoph


One thing that I can tell you that we specifically do not recommend 
importing Scribus PDF's into Quark Express - ever.

Christoph is correct. I find it hard to comprend today that any one 
would prefer to work with anything but Acrobat and PitStop for 
handling PDF, along with other pre-press tools.

When my client's choose printers, one of the criteria is that their 
PDF's are not touched by Xpress or any other application except for 
Acrobat, PitStop and specialist imposition applications like Preps.

It is simply our experience that anything else is slower and more 
prone to error. Export from Acrobat Pro as EPS is the only way to do 
that sanely IMO and then even its not ideal.

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