[Scribus] CYMK problem

Christoph Schäfer christoph-schaefer
Wed Sep 7 21:58:00 CEST 2005

Hi Cor,

> Hi Christoph and Louis
> I was confused too, so I spoke again with people in the printshop. Why does my 
> pdf not print well? (yes Christoph, I had used 'printer' in the pdf color 
> settings). 
> They told me that if they would do the job,  they would first 'translate' a 
> jpg file to contain CYMK information (with photoshop they said). This jpg 
> file would go into Xpress and a good pdf is the result. Sorry for my somewhat 
> criptic last part in the first e-mail.
> I do not understand why they to this separate translation. Does Xpress not 
> create a pdf with colors in the CYMK colorspace?

 From what you wrote, it seems to me they want a CMYK colour profile 
embedded in the file. You can do this in scribus in the properties 
palette, provided you have such a profile. If you don't need brilliant 
colours, you can also try sRGB, which normally translates easily to 
CMYK. It's not what I would recommend generally, but just in case ...

> So I am looking how to translate (RGB)?- jpg (stemming from a scanned 
> photograph) to CYMK-jpg. I understand that it should go well with the 
> 'printer' button in the pdf color settings.

Yes, it should ;)

> I will experiment with the tiff format (from GIMP) and the possibility I saw 
> in Photoshop to choose for CYMK there

In current GIMP, you can't work in the CMYK colour space, neither can 
you apply any profiles. These features will be available in the next 
version (2.4). But if you don't need to edit your file, scribus is your 
friend. You can attach a profile to the image, do the gamut check and 
let scribus do the conversion when exporting to PDF.



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